Steve Palmer,

Francis Gaudreault,

Allan O'Brien,
Principal (Chicago)

A strategic and accomplished leader with an in-depth understanding of effective business processes and a results oriented portfolio, Stephen has held various c-level executive positions thanks to his broad-based skill set which involve  both functional management and project management. Having managed multi-million dollar projects and teams of various size, Steve understands the need to build strong relationships with employees, colleagues and other stake holders in order to achieve high quality results in a timely and cost efficient manner.
With a unique talent for brand and event creation, and community anchoring, In 2010 Stephen co-founded Pitbull Events and currently holds the position of CEO. Pitbull Events quickly became one of Canada's biggest lifestyle events company with regular, unique events regularly reaching capacity crowds in excess of 1,000 people. Pitbull Events expanded into the travel market in 2013 and now also runs cruise vacations and weekend getaways.
Building upon these successes, In 2014 Stephen and his business partner Francis opened The Men's Room in downtown Toronto, a luxury retail destination for high quality men's fashion, grooming and fetish products. The Men's room is not only a world class shopping experience in its physical retail location but also does a brisk e-commerce business.
In 2015 The Men's Room Barbershop opened. A high end grooming experience  
In 2016 The Men's Room Expanded, opening locations in Montreal and Chicago.

With a background in creative and digital marketing, Francis true strengths can be found in brand development and community building. Having been the creative lead as well as principal strategist on various successful brand launches, Francis's ability to develop long term multi-platform growth strategies involving multiple stakeholders has helped him become a sought after resource in the industry. Recognizing the need to be a strong partner to the community in which he operates, he also regularly volunteers his time and resources to charitable organizations in his neighbourhood and was recently elected as the head of the Church Wellesley Village BIA. 
After successful careers for both small and large companies, Francis delved into the adventures of entrepreneurship with business partner Stephen Palmer in 2010 with the development of Pitbull Events. Having started as a niche event company in Toronto, the company quickly grew to specializing in large scale events throughout major markets such as Vancouver, Montreal, Chicago, Atlanta , etc as well as vacation getaways. The company is continuously expanding with major events being planned in new markets in the near future. 
Building on the success of Pitbull Events, Francis and Stephen launched The Men's Room in Toronto in 2014 to much acclaim. A unique upscale retail experience specializing in trendsetting urban men's Fashion, Grooming and Fetishproducts, The Men's Room has quickly become the go to destination for men from all over the city looking for items that can not be found elsewhere. In 2015, the store added The Men's Room Barbershop within its premises in order to provide a destination high end grooming services. 

With a substantial resume that highlights his wide range of skills across the corporate and technical fields, Allan is incredibly excited to join the ownership team of The Men's Room in Chicago. From a successful career in corporate communications, financial services and completing a per-apprenticeship electrician program, his diverse skill set has already proven to be an incalculably beneficial addition to the Men's Room corporate team.  

Allan attended Dalhousie University, moved to Toronto and quickly delved into the high pressure world of corporate communications and established himself as a recognized, self-motivated and dedicated analyst with the ability to successfully complete large projects through the management of multiple teams using a friendly straightforward management and communication style. Recognized for his achievements and successes on multiple large projects, he quickly rose the corporate ladder at one of the biggest financial institutions in Canada to wide acclaim and recognition.

After a change in fields, Allan followed his dream of working to develop his technical skills and completed an Electrician program in Toronto. Adding to his already extensive contracting abilities, he believes in continuous self-improvement in every aspect of his life and is always seeking new learning opportunities in a variety of fields.

Having moved to Chicago with his partner and puppy, to further pursue his professional and personal life goals, Allan has worked tirelessly since joining the ownership team of the Men's Room in the development and execution of the new Chicago store opening.